at “open space” baltimore.
check it out.

out of the blue #10 (PDF).

comics symposium at CCAD october 3–6.

via john p.: the muster list mini-comics register.


chicago zine fest: march 9 & 10.

one-stop shopping for columbus OH indies, by nix.

breaking news: columbus indie comix fair announcement in f’book.

more ICF coverage at neno’s eventized.

“hornschemeier honored with graphic novel residency (story at corby’s “space guy 13″).

wasted potential on hiatus “for the foreseeable future”. nice run, ray!

max ink interviewed in “best of columbus”.

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    • off soon i imagine. 2 years ago
    • tweeting. search "vlorbik" to find me at the blogs; there are email links from there. have fun twittering and tweeting. i'll turn this 2 years ago
    • reset my password. so here i am. i've turned off the automatic link to my blog posts (or anyway hope to've done). now back to never 2 years ago
    • me i haven't tweeted in ages. but evidently some entity has posted some spam in my name somehow (or something). anyhow, twitter made me 2 years ago
    • two guys named ray, long ago. also potatoes. 2 years ago


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